Battle With The Bulge!!!

I think every women or most of them have this problem, and I am one of them. This is one of the reason why I decided to do a blog. I have been having a hard time loosing weight simply because I love to eat. I am a size 12 now when before I could fit in a size 8.

I decided to write down hopefully each day about my battle in loosing weight. I have decided to go on a diet and exercise regularly again to be able to lose weight. I have been active most of my life in terms of sports or exercising but lately I kinda hit a slump on this. There were days that i would say to myself, im really going to do this and that but I end up not doing anything about it. What hit me was when I saw a picture of myself with big cheeks and boy, did my arms look so big from before! that’s when i decided I have to move my butt and go do something about it! I bought exercise dvds and i am trying to cut down on food now. So far so good!

I started exercising by following the samba dvd I bought and am now watching what I eat. I shall try to post here everyday of my journey in loosing weight ( I hope I make it ) =)

What a prayer

Now, isn’t that funny?

Lets see what tomorrow brings =D


Hello world!

I’m all new to this.  I have been contemplating whether I should do this or not.  After some much thought, I said, why not just try this and so here I am trying to write.  So bear with me as I am just a newbie at this.

I love to write my thoughts, feelings and opinions ever since I was young although I never thought I was really good at it but i”m taking a chance now.  So here I am.

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