2 weeks Battle with the Bulge

I never realized its been two weeks since I started this blog.  I know I said I was going to try to write everyday but with work and other things in life made it a bit difficult.  Anyway, here I am after two weeks….I’m still at it watching what I eat and try to exercise and walk more.  I am not following a certain diet, Im just watching what I eat and keeping off from sweets and just trying to eat healthy.  So, I’ve noticed that some of my clothes fit better, not like I feel so suffocated in them, like how I used to feel.  I guess im doing pretty good but a bit slow…Slow but sure.  I hope and pray that I can keep up with this.  I miss wearing clothes that I want without feeling paranoid that I look like im going to pop out from it.  I also felt encouraged because of someone who made a comment on my blog who is also going through the same thing like me, Thank you to frangipane1, We can do it!!!  

The past 2 weeks has been a bit like a roller coaster ride for me not only because of me trying to lose weight but many other personal things.  I’ve been pressured with work since I am in SALES, although my group has sales but the competition is what im pressured about.  But I have hope that things will work out.  Things have a way of working out, somehow.  Another thing is the LIKE and LOVE part.  I recently met someone on-line and I really thought he was a really good guy or he seemed to be.  he made me feel special (or so I thought)  I made a go at it even if I was very skeptical about meeting people on-line.  I always guard myself from opening myself in that department but I felt that I should take the risk and so I did.  At first I wasnt sure how I really felt about the whole thing but I went along with it and found myself being fond of him and to be honest I thought he could be the one.  I took the risk!  Guess what?????!!!  He got busy with work  and all those excuses and he didn’t send messages anymore.  I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and I sent him a few messages, He would answer saying the same reasons and then he stopped replying to my messages.  I felt bad and quite affected by it but as they say LIFE GOES ON and so shall mine.  At least when I look back, I can say I took the risk and tried to reach out but I can only do as much and I can say to myself, I tried and wont have “What ifs???”

There is so much more to life, I believe and as my friend once said to me….”There is always someone out there for you.”  I will still believe in LIFE and LOVE.  Meantime, while I havent found the right one yet I shall try to enjoy each moment I have here, Learn from my mistakes and try to be a better person not for just someone else but for the people who believe in me and truly love me for who I am.


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