Garlic Gingered Carrots…YUM!


Carrots are rich in antioxidants ūüôā

I have been trying to eat healthy, well at least I’m trying ūüôā ¬†In the process of doing so, I have been searching the net for healthy recipes that will suit the diet I am in (GM Diet) Which consists of more fruits, vegetable and some days beef. ¬†I’m sure all who are trying to eat healthy or is in a diet get tired of eating the same dish every time. ¬†I came across a blog from Picky¬†Palate¬†who has a lot of different recipes and thus I found her Carrot recipe for appetizers, that can be my main dish ūüôā and I want to share it.

Garlic Ginger Carrots ( i changed the recipe a bit)

1 Whole medium or large size carrot (or a pack baby carrots)

2 tablespoons of canola oil ( in the original recipe it was¬†extra virgin olive oil¬†but i¬†didn’t¬†have it at that time)

2 cloves garlic, minced (or you may add more)

1 tablespoon fresh ginger peeled and grated ( you may add more if you wish,¬†that’s¬†what I did)

Salt to taste

1. Heat canola oil in a medium skillet.  Saute garlic and ginger for 1 minute.  Add carrots and salt.  Adjust to taste.

2. serve hot ūüôā

Now that was easy, right?!!

Garlic Gingered Carrots..YUM!

I must say, This was delish!! ¬†The ginger gave the flavor a twist to it ūüôā

I just had this for Lunch….A must try ūüôā ¬†Enjoy!!

*original recipe is from Picky Palate.  Love her recipes.


DIY Febreze or Air Freshner…Time to be economical :)


Love the fresh scent of flowers ūüôā

Recently, Ive been researching for DIY Household cleaners, natural remedies etc, etc,  in my attempt to do green living and spending less.  A lot of products now a days can be expensive and if we can do it on our own and spend less, wouldnt that be awesome!  In my search for all these, I came across this blog from and found that this was so easy  to do and very economical.  I have this pet peeve that I always want my bedroom, bathroom, living room and clothes to smell good. ( who would want your house to stink anyway)  So tonight I made some DIY Febreze or Air Freshner with what I had in my kitchen and im so happy with the outcome.  Let me share it with you.

You will need:


What you will need

1/8 cup of fabric softener of your choice ( I used DEL Ultra Fabric softener, Vanilla Jasmine scent)

2 Tablespoons of baking soda

Hot tap water to fill your bottle ( I used an 18 Oz spray bottle)

Shake and your done!!!


finsih product…my air freshener ūüôā


I¬†immediately sprayed it on my bed, all over my bedroom and living room and it smells oh so good!!!¬†I plan to put it on small bottle sprayers to put in my bathroom and car so I can spray away whenever I want ūüôā

So, what are you waiting for….You can do it now ūüôā

*recipe is from fakeitfrugal.blogspot

Team Billie’s Miracle….Soaring high!!!


Miracles do happen!!! ¬†Last year, we were¬†saddened by the news that my nephew Billie (21 yrs old) was diagnosed with cancer, lymphoma,with¬†Hodgkin’s¬†disease. ¬†Amid the doleful news, our family had faith that God will see Billie and us through this journey.

Our family is close-knit, though our brother (father of Billie) lives in another country, we always kept in touch and have a special bond between us siblings.  We are orphans, Our parents have passed away years ago and this made our relationship stronger and cemented.  This situation rocked our lives and tested our faith but nonetheless we choose to believe in Gods miracle hand and trust in Him.   They say all things happen for a reason, He may or may not answer our prayers but He does know whats best for us.

Billie and Erika

Billie and Erika on his 6th Birthday

And so Billie’s journey begins….He had to undergo a series of chemotherapy. ¬†Since they live in another country all we could do is to pray and wait for updates from our brother (thanks to Facebook, skype, majicjack, factime etc). ¬†Billie had a positive attitude with all these. ¬†When I would talk to him on the phone, he would always sound cheerful and assured me that he was doing fine. ¬†He posted a picture in instagram shaving his hair off and was totally bald, my heart sunk, I called him and asked him why he shaved his hair off and he just candidly answered “oh because my hair was starting to fall off.” ¬†He¬†dint¬†sound sad at all!! ¬†There was a time that we spoke in facetime after one of his chemotherapy session, He was lying on the bed with his mom, looking weak and tired but never once complained to me. ¬†It was his mom who told me that he had a backache and was not feeling well because of the chemotherapy. ¬†I cannot fathom how a young one who is faced with cancer can have such dauntless strength. ¬†Billie had faith in God and entrusted his life in His hands.


Billie ūüôā

Yesterday, We heard the good news….Billie is now cancer free!!!! ¬†What a wonderful New years gift this is to our family. ¬†A gift of restored life. ¬†We are overwhelmed with Gods answer to our prayers and we are humbled and thankful for this. ¬†We are also very thankful to all our family and friends who offered prayers for our Billie Boy. ¬†May our Lord bless you as He has blessed us.

There is a God who watches over us, He is real and He loves us and takes care of us…..if you let Him.

Miracles do happen….We just had one.

The Gift of Friendship….

I have been blessed with wonderful friends and I thank God for this. I think all women treasure each friendship that they have and each friendship has their own unique element to it. I have a truly wonderful friendship with someone whom¬†I’ve¬†known since I was in grade school. Though we have grown and have our own families now, we kept a special bond through the years.




Our lives are not the same, Im a single mom and she has a beautiful family. ¬†But this dint keep us apart. ¬†We shared all the ups and downs of our lives and we always encouraged each other to go on when the going gets tough. ¬†I remember years ago when I went through a very¬†difficult¬†time in my life, I called her and told her what I was going through. ¬†I can never forget that she dropped everything and decided to spend the night with me, leaving her husband for the night just to be by my side to comfort me, support me and encourage me to go on. when all I wanted to do that night was to totally give up. ¬†I shall never forget what she told me that night when I was crying to her and was in the brink of giving up…..She simply held my hands and looked at me and told me, My dear friend “tough times does not last but tough people do!!” ¬† When she said that, I knew I had to get up and stop whining and go on and have a brave heart. ¬†Who said life will be fair anyway??? ¬†Life has a way of working out and it always does. ¬†I have carried what she said that night in my heart and mind all throughout these years and that kept me going.



So here we are now in our mid life….Our family each has grown, I have one daughter and now have a¬†grandchild but still a single mom¬†and she has 6 adorable children and a loving husband. We may not see each other often but kept a special friendship, One that is God given. Our lives has changed since that night…. There were good and bad times in our lives but each time we were there for each other. ¬†I am thankful for the gift of friendship and know that I am blessed to have a friend like her. ¬†I can never thank her enough for just being there for me ALL the time. ¬†Thank you BFF, you are one amazing woman, wife, mother and friend.


Im back for 2013!!!

Wow!!! ¬†I decided to resume my blog. ¬†I reviewed my last blog and it was dated August 2011,. ¬†Its been almost 2 years when¬†I first decided to do a blog to help me keep a journal in my¬†endeavor¬†to lose weight. Needless to say I was unsuccessful in losing weight at that time (laughs). Last July 2012, I had the shock of my life when I saw a picture of me in my friends party…Boy, I looked so fat!!! ¬†I right away felt so bad and helpless. ¬†I really wanted to lose weight but i¬†couldn’t¬†get myself to do it. ¬†I always end up gobbling ¬†up food when I saw them. ¬†But I knew I had to do something about it ASAP!!!! ¬†I needed to have some inspiration and a lot of encouragement. ¬†I would feel disgusted dressing up and end up changing so many times because my clothes were too tight (ugggh) ¬†I had zero self-esteem. At that time an angel was sent to me, My friend who now lives in Singapore came for a visit. ¬†She has been eating healthy and going to the gym and she looked fabulous. ¬†I told her about my dilemma in losing weight and she gave me a lot of tips and encouraged me to change my eating¬†habits. ¬†She said she would support me all the way. ¬†I felt so inspired by our conversation and decided to do it. I started to go on a NO CARB diet. ¬†The next day, i went to the grocery and bought food i needed for the diet. ¬†I packed my own food for work and if I would eat out, I would choose the healthier choice in the menu. ¬†After 2 weeks, I felt a little lighter and my tight clothes would fit. ¬†This inspired me more and I continued with the diet. ¬†I wanted to lose more weight because I had a planned trip to Hong Kong with my friends. ¬†1 week before going to Hong Kong, I tried the General Motors Diet. ¬†It guaranteed that I would lose 7 to 10¬†lbs after the 7 day diet plan. ¬†And….. YES!!! ¬†I did lose about 7¬†lbs and was ready to go on the trip. ¬†I bought clothes to use while in Hong Kong (for nice photo options, hehehehe). My friends started to compliment me on my weight loss and it really felt good and gave me my self-esteem back and it inspired me to continue the diet and eat healthy. ¬†So here I am now, ¬†6 months after…I lost 10 to 12¬†lbs and feel great. ¬†I did it…but of course i cheated a bit last Christmas season ( who can actually stay on a diet on Christmas???). ¬†I am now back to my General Motors Diet, day 3 today and I am surviving, I honestly thought I would have a hard time after the Christmas season but…Its all about discipline and determination. ¬†If you put your heart into it, you will definitely be able to do it! ¬†Not just with diets but with all aspects in life, If we put our heart into it, we can do it.

Well, Heres a picture of me with my family last December 23, 2012. (im the one on the left with the violet blouse with sequins on it)


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