Glorious Sunday

Glorious Sunday

I couldn’t help myself not to take a photo of this right after our Sunday Service. Made me thankful of God‘s wonderful creations 🙂





How can you take this for granted.  I don’t even know what flower this is but it is so lovely to miss.  The beauty of nature.





Before going to church my granddaughter and I baked some Valentines smores!!  That’s why I love Sundays, I get to spend time with her.  Such a blessing.





Every Sunday after church, Zoie (my grandchild) asks me to by taho (it’s some sort of tofu drink with syrup)for her.   As we walk going to the car she would ask me to take a photo of her.  Its her photo shoot day, she likes posing like a model (you can see in her pic).  She is one of the best blessings that God has ever given me.





With My Sweetest Heart.  Right after church.  I told you she likes taking pictures. Thankful to be able to spend time with her on Sundays.



There goes our little model!!!  After Church we headed to the mall to grab some lunch and do a little window shopping, which I like doing LOL!!  She couldn’t help herself to strike a pose when she tried on the kitty mask and pink headband!!



To end a beautiful and packed Sunday, we did some face paper cups which she enjoyed doing and now she is fast asleep LOL!!!  Oh and she wants me to open her a blog too.  She said she will entitle  her blog “Zoie’s Fantastic Pictures, Dreams and Wonders!!”  hahahahaha!!!  Smart kid!!!

Thanks for stopping by and for letting me share a piece of my wonderful life 🙂



*Its More Fun In The Philippines*








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