Yorkshire Terrier…Should I get it :)

Yorkshire Terrier...Should I get it :)

Should I get this little Yorkie????  Last year, I saw a Yorkshire Terrier in a park. I instantly fell in love with it and knew that I am again ready to have a dog.  If and when I do get a dog its going to be a Yorkie.

When I was young my mom bought us a Toy Terrier whom we called Snoopy because her color was black & white 🙂 Snoopy lived a long life. She was with us when I was 11 years old and she lived until I had my own child. When she passed away, I felt so bad, sad and I missed her so much. After that, I didn’t even think of getting a new dog. I didn’t want to feel what I felt when Snoopy passed away.

I saw a picture of this cute little Yorkie (pic above) in my friends Facebook page, she was selling it. I messaged her right away and asked her how much this Yorkie is.  When she told me the price, I had to beg off because I couldn’t afford the price of it and  just last week she  called me and said that this same Yorkie still does not have an owner.  She offered it to me again  and she lowered the price and gave me a good price for it and I can pay it in installment 🙂   Just my luck ha!!!  I’m going to visit this Yorkie on Sunday and see if we have a connection (I’m sure I will fall in love with him)  Now, I know I will end up getting it and I am pretty much excited about it.  Why wouldn’t I get it???  Maybe it is meant for me since this Yorkie hasn’t been taken up until now.  It’s the breed that I like and a toy dog.  One that I am used with, Just Like Snoopy, a toy dog 🙂

My dilemma now is since I am out of practice on having a dog, I am quite wary on how I’m going to house train it, care for it etc etc.  But…….I somehow feel that he is meant for me.  I’ve been actually thinking of a name for him 🙂

Your thoughts would be highly appreciated and it would help me  make a decision.

Hope to hear from you guys 🙂



*its more fun in the Philippines*



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