DIY All Purpose Lemon Rosemary Vinegar Cleaner Naturally Scented

I found this All Purpose Lemon  Rosemary Vinegar Cleaner recipe as I am trying to pursue green living at The Yummy Life blog page.  She has a lot of interesting stuff in her blog.  Its a must that you check her blog out at the


Lemon Rosemary Scented All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Lemon Rosemary Scented All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

When I saw this recipe for an all natural scented all-purpose cleaner, I knew I had to try it right away.  but it takes 2 weeks to store it.  I’m a bit of an impatient one and I had to try to forget it for two weeks after mixing this by doing other DIY stuff that does not require you to store it LOL ( you can check some of my blogs about those here)  now back to this All Purpose Lemon Rosemary Cleaner. I’m excited to share this to all of you (thanks to the yummy life blog)

All Purpose Lemon Rosemary Vinegar Cleaner

What you will need:

White vinegar

Lemon peels

Rosemary Twigs

essential oil – lavender

vanilla extract

**yup that’s all you need**


put lemon peel inside a jar and some rosemary twigs

fill your jar with white vinegar until it covers all the lemon peel and rosemary.

add 3 to 4 drops of the lavender essential oil and a few drops of the  vanilla extract

cover the lid and put a mark  on it on the day you mixed it, i used post- it and taped it on the lid.

Store for 2 weeks

After 2 weeks of storing:

Use a strainer and pour the mixture in a pitcher (easier for you to transfer it to the spray bottle, that’s what i did)

Pour 2/3 cups of the scented vinegar in your spray bottle and 1 and 1/3 cups of water (i used a 16 oz spray bottle)

add 3 to 4 drops of your lavender essential oil and a few 1 to 2 drops of your vanilla extract

dilute and add more scent if you wish

Store the remaining Lemon Rosemary Vinegar concentrate in an air tight jar so you can mix again once you’ve finished your first one. (economical, don’t you think)

shake a bit and use

All Purpose Lemon Rosemary Vinegar Cleaner :)

All Purpose Lemon Rosemary Vinegar Cleaner 🙂

I mentioned earlier that I’m a bit impatient, So I used it right away in my kitchen sink and chopping board and it works and I’m so happy!!!

This Lemon Rosemary All Purpose Cleaners shouldn’t be used in granite surfaces and marble.  This can be used for almost everything, including wooden floors 🙂  The best part is that its cheap to make and is all natural.  Great for gifts too 🙂

Go try it now 🙂




DIY Febreze or Air Freshner…Time to be economical :)


Love the fresh scent of flowers 🙂

Recently, Ive been researching for DIY Household cleaners, natural remedies etc, etc,  in my attempt to do green living and spending less.  A lot of products now a days can be expensive and if we can do it on our own and spend less, wouldnt that be awesome!  In my search for all these, I came across this blog from and found that this was so easy  to do and very economical.  I have this pet peeve that I always want my bedroom, bathroom, living room and clothes to smell good. ( who would want your house to stink anyway)  So tonight I made some DIY Febreze or Air Freshner with what I had in my kitchen and im so happy with the outcome.  Let me share it with you.

You will need:


What you will need

1/8 cup of fabric softener of your choice ( I used DEL Ultra Fabric softener, Vanilla Jasmine scent)

2 Tablespoons of baking soda

Hot tap water to fill your bottle ( I used an 18 Oz spray bottle)

Shake and your done!!!


finsih product…my air freshener 🙂


I immediately sprayed it on my bed, all over my bedroom and living room and it smells oh so good!!! I plan to put it on small bottle sprayers to put in my bathroom and car so I can spray away whenever I want 🙂

So, what are you waiting for….You can do it now 🙂

*recipe is from fakeitfrugal.blogspot

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