The Gift of Friendship….

I have been blessed with wonderful friends and I thank God for this. I think all women treasure each friendship that they have and each friendship has their own unique element to it. I have a truly wonderful friendship with someone whom I’ve known since I was in grade school. Though we have grown and have our own families now, we kept a special bond through the years.




Our lives are not the same, Im a single mom and she has a beautiful family.  But this dint keep us apart.  We shared all the ups and downs of our lives and we always encouraged each other to go on when the going gets tough.  I remember years ago when I went through a very difficult time in my life, I called her and told her what I was going through.  I can never forget that she dropped everything and decided to spend the night with me, leaving her husband for the night just to be by my side to comfort me, support me and encourage me to go on. when all I wanted to do that night was to totally give up.  I shall never forget what she told me that night when I was crying to her and was in the brink of giving up…..She simply held my hands and looked at me and told me, My dear friend “tough times does not last but tough people do!!”   When she said that, I knew I had to get up and stop whining and go on and have a brave heart.  Who said life will be fair anyway???  Life has a way of working out and it always does.  I have carried what she said that night in my heart and mind all throughout these years and that kept me going.



So here we are now in our mid life….Our family each has grown, I have one daughter and now have a grandchild but still a single mom and she has 6 adorable children and a loving husband. We may not see each other often but kept a special friendship, One that is God given. Our lives has changed since that night…. There were good and bad times in our lives but each time we were there for each other.  I am thankful for the gift of friendship and know that I am blessed to have a friend like her.  I can never thank her enough for just being there for me ALL the time.  Thank you BFF, you are one amazing woman, wife, mother and friend.



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