Team Billie’s Miracle….Soaring high!!!


Miracles do happen!!!  Last year, we were saddened by the news that my nephew Billie (21 yrs old) was diagnosed with cancer, lymphoma,with Hodgkin’s disease.  Amid the doleful news, our family had faith that God will see Billie and us through this journey.

Our family is close-knit, though our brother (father of Billie) lives in another country, we always kept in touch and have a special bond between us siblings.  We are orphans, Our parents have passed away years ago and this made our relationship stronger and cemented.  This situation rocked our lives and tested our faith but nonetheless we choose to believe in Gods miracle hand and trust in Him.   They say all things happen for a reason, He may or may not answer our prayers but He does know whats best for us.

Billie and Erika

Billie and Erika on his 6th Birthday

And so Billie’s journey begins….He had to undergo a series of chemotherapy.  Since they live in another country all we could do is to pray and wait for updates from our brother (thanks to Facebook, skype, majicjack, factime etc).  Billie had a positive attitude with all these.  When I would talk to him on the phone, he would always sound cheerful and assured me that he was doing fine.  He posted a picture in instagram shaving his hair off and was totally bald, my heart sunk, I called him and asked him why he shaved his hair off and he just candidly answered “oh because my hair was starting to fall off.”  He dint sound sad at all!!  There was a time that we spoke in facetime after one of his chemotherapy session, He was lying on the bed with his mom, looking weak and tired but never once complained to me.  It was his mom who told me that he had a backache and was not feeling well because of the chemotherapy.  I cannot fathom how a young one who is faced with cancer can have such dauntless strength.  Billie had faith in God and entrusted his life in His hands.


Billie 🙂

Yesterday, We heard the good news….Billie is now cancer free!!!!  What a wonderful New years gift this is to our family.  A gift of restored life.  We are overwhelmed with Gods answer to our prayers and we are humbled and thankful for this.  We are also very thankful to all our family and friends who offered prayers for our Billie Boy.  May our Lord bless you as He has blessed us.

There is a God who watches over us, He is real and He loves us and takes care of us…..if you let Him.

Miracles do happen….We just had one.


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